Why Choose Cloveroak Wills ?

Local and Independent

Cloveroak is a local and independent company and as such, providing quality service is paramount . This business depends on it's reputation and I take this seriously. No sales targets here just friendly, professionalism at all times.


A Complete Service

Cloveroak Wills offer holistic solutions to your estate planning issues. What this means is that I consider the expertise and specialist advice I provide as important as the documents I produce.

When you consult with me I analyse your individual financial and family circumstances and use my knowledge of the relevant issues, legislation and options available to tailor make a Will that is best for your personal situation and wishes.

I aim to do this in a way that is friendly, jargon free and affordable.


Convenience and Flexibility

I come to you at a time of your choosing.

Fully Monitored and Insured

The fact that Cloveroak Wills has received accreditation from and is a full member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) offers you reassurance that my business is monitored and operates according to a strict, Trading Standards approved Code of Conduct. Read more about this here.

This reassurance is further enhanced by the fact that any work undertaken is covered by professional indemnity insurance of £2m. Ensuring that your assets are completely safeguarded. In simple terms this means that if anything went wrong after the client’s death, because of how the Will had been drafted, the value of the estate is covered by this insurance policy

Fixed Fees

Prices for all services are fixed and discussed at the outset so you always know how much you will pay. Payment is only due on completion of all documents to your satisfaction.​

Other Ways To Make a Will

There are a number of options open to someone considering writing a Will and it is worth having a closer look at them here.


Sometimes, with the idea that it will save money or time, people use DIY Will Packs or Online Wills. However these come without any face to face specialist advice and therefore the resulting Will often does not best fit the individuals circumstances or maximise their loved ones inheritance. This can be very costly.

Furthermore, a Will can easily be made invalid by simple errors in either it's making or signing. A Will is a legal document and must be drafted according to certain protocols. Again, such mistakes can be costly are are generally not detected until it's too late.


Employing a solicitor should eliminate these risks and the benefit of professional advice cannot be underestimated . It is important however to consider whether the chosen solicitor specialises only in this area of law or in a number of different areas. Wills may only be a small part of their business. Cost may also be a consideration of the individual.

Some high street banks offer will writing services. The individual needs to be aware though that sometimes the bank will insist that they are also the executor of the estate. Resulting with the charging of a hefty percentage to deal with the administration of the estate on the death of the testator. In the case of  large estates, the bill could run into tens of thousands of pounds.


As a professional willwriting company I specialise solely in the area of Wills and estate planning. I provide bespoke advice and  offer excellent value for money, charging affordable fixed fees for all services. 


Call or email Emily today to book a free consultation on your circumstances with absolutely no obligation.

Send me a message.

I am happy to help.

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