Funeral Plans

Thinking about our own funeral is certainly not high up on most of our lists of things we would like to do! There are however a number of very valid reasons to do so.


Arranging the funeral of a loved one is among the most difficult things we can face in life. A funeral plan put in place in your lifetime can take this burden off the shoulders of your closest family when this difficult time comes.

By making arrangements now you fix your funeral directors costs at today's prices. Since 1997 funeral costs have risen from, on average, £1230 to £4000 today, that's an increase of over 225%. This trend is set to continue with estimates placing the average cost of a funeral in 2024 at £7000+. More and more people are choosing to take steps now to ensure peace of mind and financial security for the future.

Your individual plan allows you to specify your wishes on the type and style of service you want. You can include special personal features which may help to bring comfort to your loved ones.

You can be reassured by the knowledge that whenever you pass away your family will automatically receive whatever support and guidance they need from professional and caring funeral directors.

You can change or upgrade your funeral plan at any time. Furthermore, if you move home you can be rest assured that your plan is transferable throughout the U.K.

The plans are open to everyone regardless of age. There are no health, medical or credit checks to undergo.

As always, I am here to advise and am happy to discuss pre paid funeral plans with you further at any time and with absolutely no obligation. I understand that this is not an everyday thing and will help in any way I can.




Care and Guidance

If you decide to go ahead please be assured that the process will be dealt with in a friendly and sensitive way in the comfort of your own home.

I will take as much time as you need to provide you with specialist support, advice and guidance.

Being a local, independent business I believe I can do this in a way that a much larger company cannot. 

Pre paid funeral plans are an aspect of financial planning that are relatively straightforward to put in place. They don't take long to arrange and once done provide both financial and emotional security. 


I am happy to help.Contact me today for free advice on your circumstances with absolutely no obligation.

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