Advance Decision

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 introduced Advance Care Planning which gave individuals the ability to make decisions about possible future care.


An Advance Decision is a statement of your wishes surrounding such future care. Sometimes called a Living Will or Advance Directive, it allows you to refuse certain treatments and specify the level of care you may or may not want. It acts as a communication tool between you, your family, carers and medical staff in the event of you being unable to do so due to a life threatening illness or injury. 

It is an important document which could, if ever needed, relieve your loved ones from being asked to consider a variety of difficult decisions. It is important to note that it would only ever be used if you were incapable of making decisions yourself and two independent doctors were in agreement that your condition was such that you were unlikely to recover. You can cancel or amend an Advance Decision at any time.

It is important that any decision to make an Advance Decision is an informed one and done in conjunction with advice from the relevant medical practitioners. I am happy to discuss Advance Decisions at greater length with you should you like to find out more. Contact  Emily either by phone or email for friendly confidential advice. 


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